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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oklahoma - County Map, State Map, City Map

Here is the map of Oklahoma cities with county and state information.

Oklahoma is situated in the south central part of U.S. It is the twenty eighth most populated state among all the fifty states of U.S. Oklahoma got its name from Choctaw words okla and humma which means red and people respectively, i.e. red people. It is also called as the Sooner state. It joined the union on sixteenth of November in the year 1907. It was the forty sixth state to join the union. People residing in Oklahoma are called as Oklahomans of Okies. Oklahoma City is its capital and also its largest city.

It is known for production of oil and natural gas and agriculture. Oklahoma financially depends heavily on biotechnology, aviation, energy and telecomm. It is said to have a good fast economy which is growing rapidly thereby is listed among the top rankings for GDP and per capita income growth. Metro cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa have around sixty per cent of the residents as they are economically important cities.

In U.S. it is the twentieth largest state. Its area is 177847 kilometers of land and 3188 kilometers of water. It is among one to the states which is on the Frontier Strip. It is bordered by Kansas in north, Colorado in north western part whereas to the east are Arkansas and Missouri. New Mexico borders the part of the western boundary and to the south is Texas which borders the remaining western part of the state.

It consists of seventy seven counties. The counties have local governments. It is handled by elected commissioners, clerk, tax assessor, court clerk, sheriff and treasures which is a 3 member council.
Most of the state of Oklahoma is in the Great Plains and highlands. In the state prairies and forests in the eastern part with mountain ranges are present. Usually ancient Native American along with German, Scottish, English and Irish has occupied the state. In this state only around twenty five Native American languages are used as compared to the other states of United States.

Oklahoma state map

Map of Oklahoma counties

Map of Oklahoma cities


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