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Sunday, August 19, 2012

North Carolina Map with Cities and Towns, Counties Map

 Here is North Carolina counties map, with cities and towns and information on the state.

North Carolina is situated in southeast of U.S. It is bordered by South Carolina and Georgia in south and in the north and west it is bordered by Virginia and Tennessee respectively. In the east is the Atlantic Ocean and the U.S. Census Bureau has termed North Carolina as a southern state in the sub group as one of the South Atlantic States. It is the tenth most populated state and twenty eight largest state in the United States of America. It ranks fifteenth as most densely populated state in U.S.

North Carolina consists of hundred counties. Raleigh is the capital of the state and Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. North Carolina has undergone a massive economic change from a country of makers of furniture and tobacco into various sectors relating to biotechnology, finance and engineering.
Mount Mitchell of about 2,037 meters from sea level is the highest point in the east of United States of America. North Carolina is made up of 3 major geographical divisions namely:
• The coastal plain: This part forms forty five percent of the eastern part of the state.
• The Piedmont area : It occupies the middle part of the state around thirty five percent and
• The Appalachian Mountains.

In the farthest eastern part of North Carolina, there are series of narrow and sandy islands. These islands are like barricade between the Atlantic Ocean and 2 waterways. They are inland waterways which are also called as ‘sounds’, to the south Pamlico Sound and to the north Albemarle Sound. In U.S. they are the 2 largest landlocked inland waterways. Most of the ships have vanished and been lost near Cape Hatteras therefore it is called as the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic. Macon County is known for Cullasaja Falls. North Carolina is mostly rural making agriculture a major industry. Its soil is ideal for soybeans, tobacco, cotton and melons.

North Carolina State Map

North Carolina Counties Map

North Carolina Map with Cities and Towns


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