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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Map of Pennsylvania Counties, Cities Map, Pennsylvania State Map

Here is the map of Pennsylvania cities, counties and information on the state.

Pennsylvania is situated in the north eastern and mid Atlantic areas of the U.S. and the Great Lakes area.  It is bordered by West Virginia in south west, Maryland and Delaware in south and Ohio in west, to its north it is bordered by New York, Canada and Ontario, in east New Jersey. Apart from Pennsylvania all the other states share a border with the Atlantic Ocean. It is ranked as the sixth most populated state and is the thirty third largest state by land area in all the fifty U.S. states. Also it is the ninth state with maximum dense population. Erie, Allentown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh are cities which have maximum population.

Pennsylvania’s capital is Harrisburg and Philadelphia is its largest city. It has a shoreline of about 82 km by Lake Erie and 92 km by Delaware estuary. Its total area is around 119,282 kilometers of which 1,269 kilometers is inland waters and 116, 075 kilometers is land. Pennsylvania joined the union on 12th of December 1787.

Pennsylvania has 67 counties. It is then divided into municipality as borough or town or city.  It consists of fifty six cities. It is further ranked as 1st, 2nd and 3rd class city as per the number of residents. Philadelphia is ranked as the most populated city with 1, 547,297 residents, and thereby comes in the 1st class city, also only Pennsylvania comes in this class.  Other cities like Scranton with 76,072 and Pittsburg with 305,647 residents come in the 2nd class cities. Parker with seven hundred and thirty eight residents comes in the 3rd class cities along with the other cities with less population.

There are two types of government i.e.  one is mayor council government which is also known as the strong mayor, governs the 1st and 2nd class cities whereas the other is mayor council manager government also called as weak mayor, governs the 3rd class cities.

Pennsylvania State Map 

Map of Pennsylvania Counties 

Map of Pennsylvania Cities 


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