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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Map of North Dakota - Cities and Towns, Road Conditions Map

Here is the map of North Dakota with cities and town. We also explore North Dakota road conditions map with information on the state.

North Dakota is situated in the middle of the western area of U.S. alongside the border of Canada. North Dakota is said to be in the area called as the Great Plains which is also known as the High Plains. Since it is in the middle of the United States a stone marker in Rugby which in North Dakota calls itself as the ‘Geographic Centre of the North American Continent’.

North Dakota is being bordered by Minnesota in east, in north is Canada and in the south and west it is South Dakota and Montana respectively. North Dakota state is the nineteenth largest state with 183,273 kilometers but is the third least populated and fourth densely populated among the fifty states of U.S.

The western part of North Dakota forms of the hilly Great Plains plus the northern area of the Badlands to the west of Missouri River. The high point of the state is White Butte which is around 1,096 meters. National parks like Theodore Roosevelt National park are situated in Badlands. The area is full of fossils fuels plus lignite coal and crude. Lake Sakakawea which is formed out of Missouri River is said to be the 3rd largest manmade lake in U.S. after the Garrison Dam.

North Dakota was formed from the northern part of Dakota Territory and on second of November, 1889 it joined the Union. Its capital is Bismarck and Fargo is the largest city of North Dakota. There are fifty three counties in North Dakota. The FIPS code i.e. Federal Information Processing Standard code used by U.S. for identification of states and counties are provided with every entry. The code of North Dakota is thirty eight, when this is combined with the county code, it will be written as follows 38xxx. This FIPS code for the particular county connects to the census data for that particular county.

North Dakota road conditions

The best way to get around North Dakota is by car. Deers are known to cross roads so one has to be careful about that especially in the mornings and dusk hours. Wearing life jackets is simportant becuae people have frozen to death by getting lost on snow covered roads and fields. The scenery of North Dakota is of course, beautiful and the roads are safe. There is a lot of unexplored land in North Dakota, considering it is one of the least populated states in the US.

North Dakota State Map

Map of North Dakota - Cities and Towns

North Dakota Road Conditions Map


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