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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Map of Hawaii Islands- Big Island Map

Here is the map of Hawaii islands along with information about the state.

Hawaii was established in 1959, 21st August, and is formed of only islands. It is the latest state to be formed by United States. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. It comes in the northern part of Polynesia island , covering a major part of archipelago of central Pacific Ocean, southwestern part of the continental US, southeastern part of Japan and northeastern part of Australia. It is known for its diversity in nature, beautiful sceneries, weather, innumerable beaches, volcanoess and oceans, thus it is a spot for tourists attracting surfers, biologists and volcanologists. Southeast of archipelago has eight main islands; out of which Big Island is the largest of all.

Hawaii covers many islands which are spread over 2400km. It usually comprises of volcanic islands. Its coast is about seven hundred and fifty miles which is 4th largest in U.S. following Alaska, Florida and California. There are 2 states that do not follow daylight saving time, one of them is Arizona and other is Hawaii and it has population of over 1000,000 apart from other visitors and employees of United States military force.

There are five counties in islands of Hawaii and have greater privileges as compared to other counties of U.S.
They are next to the state and as government bodies are legally formed. Like the other states, Hawaiian State does not assign to school local educational responsibilities, therefore such responsibilities are carried out by the Department of Education of Hawaiian State. Taxes like property tax and fees for maintenance of roads, parks, police, garbage and other community necessities are collected by counties. In 1905 by an unorganized territory all the counties came into existence. There is a county called Kalawao which is exclusive for lepers. It is a colony for lepers and as compared to other counties it has very less voted officials.


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