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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Minimum Wage in California 2012, 2011

What is minimum wage in California 2011 and 2012 ? Well, it is $8 per hour. For San Francisco, the minimum wage is $10.24 since 1/1/2012.

The Minimum Wage Ordinance states that exempt employees as per the Fair Labor Standards Act 1938 must make at least twice the minimum wage of the state. California’s minimum wage is more than the Federal Minimum Wage which is $7.25 per hour.

The rate of $8 per hour as minimum wage is for most employees in the state except for student workers, tipped employees and people working in other ‘exempt’ vocations. One more point to note is that San Francisco’s minimum wage per hour is the highest minimum wage in the entire United States and also the first state to cross the $10 per hour mark
California's minimum wage was last increased in 2008. The minimum wage does to apply to people in the sales industry, employees who are closely related to the employer. Students are paid 85 percent of the minimum wage in California, for their first 160 hours of productivity. The other exemptions are for workers who work at non-profit organizations where the employer has a certificate from California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and for disabled employees.

According to California Labor Law, the employer has to display the California minimum wage poster for the year in a visible place for employees to be aware of their hourly wage and their rights as workers. You can also get additional information about California Minimum Wage at the toll-free Hotline 1-888-ASK-WAGE


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