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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Map of Kentucky Cities, Counties - Kentucky State Map

Here is the map of Kentucky cities, counties and information on the state.

Kentucky is situated in the eastern part of Central U.S. United States Census Bureau has termed it as a state which is in south of U.S., more accurately it is in eastern part of south central United States of America. Along with Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Kentucky is also a commonwealth state. In 1792 it was the fifteenth state to be chosen as a part of the Union. It is twenty sixth in terms of population and in comparison to total area it is said to be the thirty seventh largest state but thirty sixth in land area.

Kentucky is fondly called as the ‘Bluegrass State’. It is because it has blue grass in the entire state, as its soil is fertile. Thereby it is able breed livestock of high breed. Kentucky has diversity in nature with many natural resources. It is also known for Mammoth Cave National Park, it has the longest cave system. It also has navigation routes which are the greatest in length in U.S. On the east of Mississippi river it has two lakes which are the largest man-made lakes. In the United States of America it has the highest per capita number of turkey and deer.

Kentucky is known to have the best coalfields which are very productive and herds of elk which are the largest in U.S. It is also famous for the following:
• Horse racing
• Tobacco
• Bluegrass Music
• Horse Racing
• Manufactures of automobiles.

Kentucky has 120 counties. Pike County is the largest county by area. It is seven hundred and eighty-eight square miles. Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and Lexington is 2nd to Louisville. Louisville Metro Council for the whole county is the main government and the council is selected by Jefferson County residents. The FIPS code i.e. Federal Information Processing Standard code used by the U.S. for the identification of counties is twenty-one for Kentucky. Here is the list of counties in Kentucky

Kentucky State Map

Map of Kentucky Counties

Kentucky map with Cities

There are 423 cities in Kentucky. Some of the major cities in Kentucky include Louisville (the capital city), Richmond, Jeffersontown, Frankfort, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Lexington-Fayette, Owensboro, Bowling Green and Covington. Bowling Green is the fastest growning city in Kentucky while Frankfort is the capital.


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