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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kansas Map with Cities, Kansas County Map

Here is the Kansas map with cities, counties and information on the state.

Kansas is a state of United States which is situated in the middle of the western part of U.S. It derived this name from Kansas River and river got its name from the Kansa Native American tribe, who had earlier occupied the area. The name of tribe means “people of the wind.” People residing in Kansas are known as Kansans. Kansas has been inhabited by various Native American tribes for many years. They mostly lived near the river valleys in the eastern part of state whereas some lived in the western side of Kansas. These were usually nomads and liked to hunt bison in large numbers.

Around 1830 American who were usually European was the 1st to settle in Kansas and somewhere in 1850 its population increased. All these happened amidst wars which were political dealing with issues of slavery. Previously Kansas was not a free state. In 1854 the government of United States opened up to settlements officially and after that rose a fight within settlers from England known as Abolitionist Free-Staters and the pro-slavery settlers to decide to make Kansas a free state or not. There was so much commotion and violence to free the state that when they fought, people called it as ‘Bleeding Kansas.’ And finally on 29th of January 1861 Kansas became a free state.

Later the Kansas’s population rose and immigration gave way to many others who changed the prairie into farms. Currently Kansas is said to be among the states which are agriculturally productive, with high production of sorghum, sunflower and wheat.

Kansas State Map

Counties in Kansas 

There are hundred and five counties in Kansas. It is 6th in comparison to other states. The issue of license plate is done by the state and should have abbreviations of county and the vehicle has to be registered. County of Kansas should not have two words in its name. Counties such as Wyandotte County and city of Kansas City work together unitedly.
Here are the list of counties in Kansas
1. Allen
2. Anderson
3. Atchison
4. Barber
5. Barton
6. Bourbon
7. Brown
8. Butler
9. Chase
10. Chautauqua
11. Cherokee
12. Cheyenne
13. Clark
14. Clay
15. Cloud
16. Coffey
17. Comanche
18. Cowley
19. Crawford
20. Decatur
21. Dickinson
22. Doniphan
23. Douglas
24. Edwards
25. Elk
26. Ellis
27. Ellsworth
28. Finney
29. Ford
30. Franklin
31. Geary
32. Gove
33. Graham
34. Grant
35. Gray
36. Greeley
37. Greenwood
38. Hamilton
39. Harper
40. Harvey
41. Haskell
42. Hodgeman
43. Jackson
44. Jefferson
45. Jewell
46. Johnson
47. Kearny
48. Kingman
49. Kiowa County
50. Labette
51. Lane
52. Leavenworth
53. Lincoln
54. Linn
55. Logan
56. Lyon
57. McPherson
58. Marion
59. Marshall
60. Meade
61. Miami
62. Mitchell
63. Montgomery
64. Morris
65. Morton
66. Nemaha
67. Neosho
68. Ness
69. Norton
70. Osage
71. Osborne
72. Ottawa
73. Pawnee
74. Phillips
75. Pottawatomie
76. Pratt
77. Rawlins
78. Reno County
79. Republic
80. Rice
81. Riley
82. Rooks
83. Rush
84. Russell
85. Saline
86. Scott
87. Sedgwick
88. Seward
89. Shawnee
90. Sheridan
91. Sherman
92. Smith
93. Stafford
94. Stanton
95. Stevens
96. Sumner
97. Thomas
98. Trego
99. Wabaunsee
100. Wallace
101. Washington
102. Wichita
103. Wilson
104. Woodson
105. Wyandotte

Kansas County Map 

Cities in Kansas

There are 627 incorporated cities in Kansas The cities are divided into three classes based on the population. The largest cities in Kansas are Kansas City, Wichita, Overland Park, Olathe, Topeka, Salina, Shawnee, Lawrence, Hutchison and Manhattan. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas in terms of land area and population while Topeka is the state capital.

Map of Kansas Cities


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