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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maryland Counties Map, Cities, State Map

Let us go through Maryland counties map, state and map of Maryland cities.

The state of Maryland is situated in the Mid Atlantic area of the United States. It is bordered by the District of Columbia, Virginia and West Virginia to the west and south, the state of Pennsylvania to the north and towards the east is the state of Delaware. Maryland is often referred to by any of its three nicknames, i.e. the Chesapeake Bay State, the Free State or the Old Line State. It was also the 7th state to endorse the Constitution of the United States.

The Capital of Maryland is Annapolis and gets its name from the Queen, Henrietta Maria. Baltimore is the most populated city in the state. Maryland is ninth smallest state in the United States and is comparable in size to the European country, Belgium.

The landscape of Maryland is varied and very scenic and hence it gets another nickname, i.e. America in Miniature. The countryside comprises of pine groves growing in the mountains of the west and the sandy dunes interspersed with sea grass towards the east; the gentle rolling hills that are home to oak forests in the Piedmont Region and low marshlands filled with wildlife as well as big and bald cypress growing near the bay.
The tidal wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay which is the largest estuary in the United States and also the largest water body in Maryland, nearly bisects the state into two halves. All the counties that are present on the eastern side of the bay are collectively known as the Eastern Shore.

The Hoye Crest on the Backbone Mountain with a height of 3,360 feet is the most elevated point in the state of Maryland. The state has lots of ponds but no natural lakes. However, there are several artificial lakes, the largest of them being the Deep Creek Lake.

The state is divided into 24 counties and its FIPS code is 24.

Maryland state map

Maryland counties map 

Maryland cities map


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