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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Map of Virginia Cities, Counties, Virginia State Map

Virginia is located in the south of U.S. on the Atlantic Coast. It shares the border in east and north with Washington D.C. and Maryland. In south it has Tennessee and North Carolina as its border whereas it is flanked by Kentucky in west and the northwestern is bordered by West Virginia. Also it is flanked by the Atlantic Ocean in east. It joined the union on twenty fifth of June in the year 1788. It was the tenth state to join the state. It is fondly called as the ‘Old Dominion’ and also as the ‘Mother of Presidents’ subsequent to birth of 8 presidents of United States in Virginia.

Richmond is the capital of Virginia. Officially Virginia is known as Commonwealth. Virginia Beach is ranked as the most populated city. The residents living in Virginia is more than 8 million. The Blue Ridge Mountains and Chesapeake Bay form the weather of the state. In western hemisphere the general assembly of Commonwealth is said to be the oldest legislature. The government of Virginia has been given the ranking as the most successful state by the Pew Center. Businesses form the major portion in service sector, this sector supply around 1/3rd of employment in the state. Virginia is ranked as the thirty fifth largest state in U.S. Its area is around 110,784 kilometers.

Virginia has many industries like chemicals, food processing, furniture, textiles and electronic equipments. They are into manufacture of these and many more. Also another important field is agriculture. The state is known to have a big industry of dairy. Virginia is ranked in the first 10 position to have various types of agricultural goods and foodstuffs. Also it is among the list of top 10 production of coal in the United States of America.

Virginia consists of ninety five counties and thirty nine free cities, the free cities function as the counties.

Virginia state map

Virginia counties map with cities


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