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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Map of Vermont Towns, State Map, Cities Map

Vermont is located in the north eastern part of New England in U.S. It has New Hampshire and New York as its border in east and west respectively. In south Vermont has Massachusetts as its border whereas it is also flanked by the Champlain Lake in west, forming part of the state’s border. It also shares an international border with Quebec of Canada in north. All other states border the Atlantic Ocean apart from the Vermont State.

Vermont State joined the union on fourth of March, 1791 and was the fourteenth state to join the union. It was the 1st state to do away with slavery after being admitted to the union and is the smallest landlocked state in United States of America. Its total area is around 24900 kilometers. Around twenty four thousand kilometers forms the land area and around nine hundred fifty kilometers forms the water area. In land area it is the forty third largest state and in water area it is the forty seventh largest state. Vermont is the forty fifth largest state in U.S. and is ranked as the sixth least extensive state in United States. It is also ranked as second among all the states of U.S. with least population. The Green Mountains are located in the state and was earlier occupied by the tribes of Native Americans Abenaki and Iroquois.

Montpelier is the capital of Vermont and is ranked as the state capital with least population having residents of around seven thousand and eight hundred and fifty five. Vermont leads in the production of maple syrup in U.S. and Burlington is ranked as the most populated city in Vermont. As per the 2010 census around 42,417 residents live in Burlington.

Vermont consists of 14 counties in United States of America. Every county seat is called as shire town in Vermont. Counties in Vermont consists of two hundred and fifty five political areas which includes two hundred and thirty seven towns, nine cities and five regions which are not incorporated.

Vermont state map

Vermont counties map

Map of Vermont cities


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