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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Map of Northern California, Cities Map

Here is the map of Northern California; this region lies in the northern part of California. The area has 11 mega-regions which starts from Metropolitan Fresno north to Greater Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area east to the Lake Tahoe-Reno area. A major part of the population in North California cities lies in the San Francisco Bay Area which houses cities like San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, and Sacramento, which is the state capital. San Jose is also the largest city in Northern California.

Northern California has the northern part of the Central Valley, which is known for its wide variety of agricultural produce. There are redwood forests here along with the famous the Sierra Nevada mountainous region

Thanks to historical events like ‘California Gold Rush’ the region has been in the forefront of the world’s economic and technical progress. Gold mining techniques in the 19th century were already advanced here which further spread to other parts of the world, leading to the development of highly popular business models like Google, Yahoo!, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and eBay.

Map of Northern California


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