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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Texas Map with Counties and cities

Here is the map of  Texas counties, cities and state with some background information.

Texas is situated in the south central region of the U.S. The eastern part of Texas was occupied the settlers from Spain. They named the state Texas which is taken from a Caddo word Tejas which means comrades. It is bordered by New Mexico in west and Oklahoma in north whereas it borders Arkansas in north eastern part and Louisiana in east. The southern part of Texas is bordered by Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua and Coahuila (states of Mexico) and in west it is flanked by New Mexico. It is the 2nd largest and most populated state among all the fifty states of U.S. People residing in Texas are around twenty five million and it occupies an area of around 696,200 kilometers.

Austin is the capital of Texas as well an important city. Texas is fondly called as the ‘Lone Star State’ so as not to forget that it got independence after fighting for freedom from Mexico and became a free state. This ‘Lone Star’ is currently being used on the seal of Texas State and is also seen on the flag of the state. The largest city in Texas State is Houston followed by San Antonio. Some other important metro cities are Dallas Fort Worth and Greater Houston which are 4th and 6th largest cities in the state. Also Houston and San Antonio are said to be 4th and 7th largest cities in U.S.

The landscape of Texas State is diverse. It has settlers mostly in regions of forests, prairies and coast. Below ten percent Texas is occupied by barren regions. From east to west that is marshy lands along the coastlines, rough hills followed by arid areas leading to the Big Bend Mountains.

Texas State consists of two hundred and fifty four counties. It is the state having the maximum number of counties among all the states of United States of America.

Texas state map

Texas Counties map

Map of Texas Cities


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