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Monday, March 12, 2012

South Dakota - County Map with Cities

Map of South Dakota, counties and cities map is given here along withe an overview of the state.

South Dakota is in west of the middle of the U.S. Its border in east are Iowa and Minnesota, in west are Wyoming and Montana whereas in north is North Dakota and in south it is Nebraska. South Dakota is divided into two parts by River Missouri on geographic and social basis. People living in these areas are called as people of West or East River. River Missouri is not only the largest but also the longest river in South Dakota. In the western part of the river ranching is dominant. Black hills is a visitor spot and is situated in the south western part of South Dakota.

Some important rivers are James, Big Sioux, and Cheyenne. South Dakota got its name from the Dakota Sioux American Indian and Lakota clans. It is the seventeenth largest with land area in U.S. The land area is about 199,740 kilometers. Also it is the fifth state as the least populated with the least density of population among all the states of United States of America. It was declared a state on second of November in the year 1889.

The capital of South Dakota is Sioux Falls which is also the largest city. Around one sixty thousand residents live in Sioux Falls. In South Dakota in the south western part there are tourist spots like the Badlands, Crazy Horse Memorial, parks like Wind cave park, Custer state park. After gold was founded in the Black hills settlers from Europe and America increased. The highest point of South Dakota is Harney Peak which is around 2,207 meters high.

South Dakota consists of sixty six counties. Two counties like Shannon County and Todd County do not possess county seats. To administer Shannon and Todd counties, Hot Spring from Fall River County and Winner from Tripp County do the administration of these counties respectively.

South Dakota state map

South Dakota counties map

South Dakota cities map


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