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Friday, March 9, 2012

South Carolina map with cities, counties

Here is the map of South Carolina with counties and cities and information on the state.

South Carolina is located in the southern part of the U.S. It is bordered by North Carolina in north and flanked by the Atlantic Ocean in the east. In south and west it is bordered by Georgia which is situated in the opposite side of the River Savannah. A section of South Carolina was also among the thirteen colonies which became independent from the British. ‘Carolina’ is taken from a Latin word i.e. Carolus which means Charles. It got this name from the King of England, Charles ll to give tribute to his father whose name was Charles l. South Carolina joined the union on twenty third of May 1788.

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina, also it is largest city. South Carolina is ranked as the twenty fourth most populated state and fortieth as most broad state among all the states of U.S. It consists of forty six counties.

Geographically South Carolina is arranged in 5 parts. The coast of South Carolina has many ports and estuaries. The coast also forms sections of the Mid Atlantic. A unique aspect of the coast is that it has many bays but these have no certain source of beginning. It also has marshy salt areas. The northern and southern coastline is segregated into 3 different sections like Seal Islands, Grand Strand and Santee River Delta.
South Carolina has around some twelve important lakes; like some are Lake Marion, Lake Hartwell, and Lake Murray.

These lakes cover an area of about 1,770 kilometers. The highest altitude is in the Blue Ridge Mountains which is the ‘Blue Ridge’ area and the most high point of South Carolina is at Sassafras Mountain. It is about 1,090 meters high which is situated in the Blue Ridge area. River Chattooga which flow on the boundary of South Carolina and Georgia Georgia attracts people as a much loved place for rafting.

South Carolina Map

South Carolina counties map

As mentioned, there are 46 counties in South Carolina, the least populous one is McCormick County which is home to 9,958 residents. The most populous county in South Carolina is Greenville County which has 451,230 inhabitants.

Map of South Carolina cities

There are 269 incorporated cities and towns in South Carolina.  The most populous city is Columbia which lies in the Richmond County.


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