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Friday, March 16, 2012

Map of Utah - Cities, Counties, State

Utah is situated in the western part of U.S. Colorado and Arizona border the Utah State in east and south respectively. The north eastern part of the state is flanked by Wyoming whereas Idaho and Nevada along with New Mexico borders the northern and western part. It is ranked as the thirty fourth most populated in U.S. Among all the states of U.S. Utah is ranked as the tenth state with least dense population. Also it is said to be the thirteen largest state in United States.

Utah joined the union on fourth of January in the year 1896. It was the forty fifth state to join the union. Maximum population i.e. around eighty percent reside in Wasatch Front, Salt Lake city thereby major portion of the state is not habited. Utah, it was named after the tribe of Ute which means people of the mountains in their tongue. In the state of Utah all mostly follow the same religion like one of the report says around sixty percent are members of LDS church which very much affects the lifestyles of Utah.

As per the estimation of the census bureau of United States of America Utah was ranked as the best state on the rise and the best metro city on the rise was St. George which is in Utah (in 2000-2005.) Utah is a major hub for information technology, mining, transportation and for recreational purpose a key visitors place. Earlier Utah was habited by tribes of Fremont and Anasazi later joined by other tribes like Navajo, Paiute, Ute, Shoshone and Uto Aztecan.

Utah consists of twenty nine counties in the United States of America. It has rough land with diversity. It is situated in the junction of the Great Basin, Rocky mountains and Colorado plateau. It has barren lands as well as forests in the mountain basins.

Utah State Map

Utah county map

Map of Utah cities


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