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Friday, March 9, 2012

Map of Tennessee cities, counties - Tennessee State Map

Here is Tennessee state map with cities and counties, along with information on the background of the state.

Tennessee is situated in the south eastern part of U.S. Its border in east is North Carolina and in west are Arkansas and Missouri. Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama border in south whereas Virginia and Kentucky in north. It joined the union on first of June, 1796. It is the ranked as the thirty sixth state with the largest area and seventeenth as the most populated state among all the states of U.S.

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and is the 2nd largest city in the state. It has around 626, 144 residents. The largest city of Tennessee is Memphis which has around 670,902 residents.

To the eastern region of Tennessee are the Appalachian Mountains and to its western is the River Mississippi. Tourist spots like the Great Smoky Mountains national park, Graceland of Elvis Presley which is in Memphis have frequent visitors. Also Tennessee Aquarium which is in Chattanooga is also a tourist spot. In Tennessee rock and roll developed immensely along with the blue music. Musicians such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich and Johnny Cash started their success from Memphis.

There is a local government to govern the state in United States known as county. Tennessee has ninety five counties. In Tennessee as per the census of 2000 County Shelby is said to be the most populated county. It has around eight hundred and ninety seven thousand and four hundred and seventy two people living in it. Also it is the largest county occupying around one thousand and nine hundred and fifty five kilometers. Washington County was formed in the year 1777 and is the oldest county whereas Chester County is the latest to be created. Pickett County has the least population in Tennessee and Trousdale County is said to be the smallest county. The census in the year 2000 reports that Tennessee had residents of around 5,689,283 living in 109,217 kilometers of region.

Tennessee state map

Tennessee counties map

Map of Tennessee cities


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