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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Map of Rhode Island cities and towns, counties

Rhode Island counties map with cities as well as the state map are given here along with information on the state.

Rhode Island is called as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It is located in New England in U.S. It has Massachusetts as its border in east and north and in the south western part it has a maritime border along with Long Islands of New York. Connecticut borders the western part of Rhode Island and in south it is bordered by Atlantic Ocean and Rhode Island Sound. It was the last state to approve the constitution on fourth of May, 1776.

The total area of Rhode Island is around 3,140 kilometers. Even though area wise it is ranked as the 50th state and is in eighth position as the least populated state, still it is the second densest state among all the states of U.S.

Around fourteen percent of the area is of big bays therefore Rhode Island is fondly also known as the Ocean State. Providence is its capital as well as the largest city. Its name is derived from union of 2 colonies i.e. Rhode Island colony and Providence Plantations colony. Today it is called as Newport and city of Providence. Jerimoth Hill which is around 247 meters above sea level is the highest point in Rhode Island. It consists of beaches than mountains. It is divided into two areas the eastern part of Rhode Island and the western part.

The eastern part consists of plains of the Narragansett Bay. Newport also known as Aquidneck Island is said to be among the largest islands of Narragansett Bay followed by Conanicut and Prudence as the 2nd and 3rd largest islands in the Bay. The Narragansett Bay has around thirty islands whereas the western region of the state is of highlands of New England.

Rhode Island consists of 5 counties. It is merged with Hawaii as it was ranked as 2nd with least counties in United States. It is governed by 8 and 31 cities and towns respectively and not by any local government of county like other states.

Rhode Island in USA map

Rhoda Island state map

Rhode Island counties map

Map of Rhode Island cities

There are 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island. Most population-centric areas are courtesy the development of water-powered mill that took place mainly in the  Blackstone, Seekonk, and Providence Rivers. Providence is the largest metropolitan area followed by Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket and East Providence.


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