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Thursday, February 16, 2012

West Virginia County Map, State, Cities Map

Here is West Virginia Map along with counties and cities.

West Virginia is located in the south eastern part of the U.S. in the Appalachian Mountains. It shares the border with Kentucky and Pennsylvania in the southwestern and north eastern boundary whereas it is flanked by Virginia in south east and Ohio in north west and Maryland forms its eastern border. It joined the union on twentieth of June in the year 1863.

Charleston is the capital of West Virginia and also the largest city of the state. West Virginia is ranked as the thirty seventh most populated state and forty first as the largest state among all the fifty states of U.S. Its total area is around 62,754.8 kilometers of which 62,361 kilometers forms the land and around 393 kilometers forms the water area.

West Virginia state map

It known for its diversity in landscape and its mountain ranges. It is also known for its history in fields such as political and labor and coal and mining industry. It is among the densest karsts regions in the entire world. Therefore is a tourist spot for recreation as karsts ground gives trout cool water. It also attracts scientist and researchers and is provides other recreations such as mountain biking, fishing, hunting, skiing and rafting. The whole West Virginia State is of mountains as it is situated in the mountainous ranges of Appalachian.

Therefore it is fondly called as the ‘Mountain State’ with a saying ‘Montani Semper Liberi’ which means mountaineers are always free. The height of the state is around fifteen hundred feet above the sea level, no other state in United States of America in east of River Mississippi has such an elevation. Approximately seventy five per cent of West Virginia is in the plateaus of Allegheny and Cumberland. Spruce Knob which is around 4,863 feet is the highest point in West Virginia.

West Virginia consists of fifty five counties in United States. Its FIPS i.e. Federal Information Processing Standard code for the state is fifty four.

West Virginia County Map

West Virginia cities map with roads


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