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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Map of Arkansas cities, counties, Arkansas State Map

Check out the Arkansas county map, cities including the state map

Arkanas County Map with cities

The state of Arkansas is situated in the southern part of the United States. It derives its name from an Algonquian name that is associated with the Quapaw Indians.

It is bordered by six states such as Tennessee and Mississippi to the east, Missouri to the north, Oklahoma to the west, Louisiana to the south and Texas to the south-west. Its geographical features are diverse and characterized by the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River as well the mountainous regions of the Ouachita Mountains and the Ozarks. The capital city of Little Rock is the most populated city and is located in the central region of the state.

Most of the eastern border of Arkansas is covered by the Mississippi river. The state is considered to be a land of rivers, lakes, fertile soil and thick forests. The recurrent flooding of the Mississippi River has led to the formation of the Arkansas Delta, which is a flat countryside of rich alluvial soils. In addition, the Grand Prairie which comprises of a majority of the southeast area of the state is also equally fertile and adept for agricultural activities.

A geological formation called Crowley’s Ridge bisects the Arkansas Delta and comprises of a constricted band of rolling hills that rise from around 250 feet to 500 feet above the adjacent alluvial plain. Most of the major towns that are present in the eastern region of Arkansas sprung up due to Crowley's Ridge.

The Arkansas River divides the state into the northwestern region which comprises of the Ozark Mountains and the Ozark Plateau and the south which houses the Ouachita Mountains. Mount Magazine present in the Ouachita Mountains is the highest point in the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas is home to many caves as well as nearly twelve Wilderness Areas. Such areas are great for outdoor activities and recreation such as hiking, fishing, hunting and camping.

The state of Arkansas has 75 counties which is one of the largest, when it comes to the number of counties in a single state in the United States.

Arkansas State Map


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