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Monday, November 14, 2011

Indiana State Map, Indiana Counties Map

Her is the map of Indiana state along with counties.

Indiana has 92 counties; every county acts as the local level of the government within its boundaries. Indian was recognized into the United States through the Northwest Ordinance in 1787, however the land was not deemed for settlement. Later on the land was bought by Native Americans through treaties and Indian removals, where native tribes were removed from the place.

The oldest counties of Indiana are found near the South along the Ohio River, while the modern settlements are found in the north in the territory that became a part later. The oldest county in Indian is Knox County established in 1790 and the Newton County created in 1859.

The population of Indiana is 6,045,485 according to the US 2000 Census data.. The average population of counties in Indiana is 65,712 with Marion County accounting for 860,454 people and Ohio County having just 5,624 people. The largest county in Indiana area-wise isAllen (657 sq. mi., 1,702 km²) and the smallest is Ohio (87 sq. mi., 225 km²). The constitution of Indiana says that no county may be created which is less than 1000 square kilometers or 400 square miles.


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